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Mass storage and archiving

The beginnings of Alstor's more than 30 years of history are inextricably linked to the mass memories on which the company's operations were focused at the time. This is where the name ALSTOR comes from - from "all storage". Mass memories still occupy an important place in our portfolio today. We make sure that our offer is complementary - we offer not only the devices for archiving, securing and collecting data using all the leading technologies, but also the software supporting them and all the infrastructure necessary to run them. Our products are addressed to various recipients, both multi-branch enterprises and small-format companies.

In the area of mass storage dedicated to the SME sector, we offer a number of solutions, which are not only of high quality, but also a very favourable price/performance ratio - a factor which is quite significant on the Polish market. All customers will find in our offer "something for themselves". - we have a wide range of storage devices: SAN, DAS and NAS, dedicated for virtual environments working under Hyper-V and Vmware systems.

The development of Software Defined Storage technology has resulted in a change in the storage market, which is nowadays focused on software, its functionality, simplicity and speed. Systems built on the basis of this technology increasingly often support the operation of well-designed and equipped server rooms or dedicated data centers. Our offer includes products and solutions that can be used there.

We provide all our clients with advice and the possibility to implement selected solutions. We also provide comprehensive project services including installation, implementation and testing of implemented solutions.